One of the biggest disagreements/fights/arguments/whatever you want to call it the BF and I get into is about planning. I love it. He doesn’t.

I love to know what’s going on, what I’m going to be doing.

He doesn’t like to think that far ahead, likes to do things on the spot, and it drives me freakin’ nuts.

How do you not like to have a plan? How do you not like to know what you’re doing next weekend or next month or the next day? Planning gives you something to look forward to, something to get you excited when you wake up in the morning.

Sure being spontaneous is fun sometimes but come on, you can’t live like that forever. Or maybe you can.

I like planning so much that I get so excited about calendars. Flipping the calendar over the to the next month. Downloading the newest Free People wall paper calendar (love them!).

Is that weird? Probably. But hey, whatever makes you happy, right?


I’m not a crier. I hate showing that kind of emotion in public or to anyone for that matter. Even myself.

But my best friend is getting married. This past weekend was her bridal shower and aside from being rather hungover from the night before (we had a damn good time), everything was perfect. She cried, as did her mom, which set off my mom.

Psh, I didn’t cry at the bridal shower, if that’s what you’re thinking.

No, I waited until I got home. I got an e-mail from another friend of mine who’s getting married. She found a beautiful venue that she wanted us to check out.

That’s when it hit. The tears. I sat at my desk and just bawled. Knowing that this was all really happening. We’re all grown up and moving on.

I was remembering all the amazing times my best friend and I have had over the past four years. We met the second day of freshman year of college and as I like to say, we became friends at first sight. After that we roomed together for four years and became so close that I consider her more of a sister than a friend.

Knowing that we’ll never live in the same house and that she’s moving onto a different chapter in her life without me is rather unnerving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy for her. If anyone should be married, it’s her and her fiance.

But still, this chapter in our lives is over and well, it sucks to say the least.

Ok, well I need to stop before the waterworks start again.

I’m such a crybaby.

Yeah, I put blogging on my To Do lists.

Makes it more “official” so I actually might do it.

And look, it worked.

“We’re dating.” That’s what I say when people ask what me and this new boy are.

I know they’re really asking “are you boyfriend/girlfriend, are you a couple?” But that’s not what we are at this point. We’re in that “we kind of act like we’re a couple yet haven’t talked about it, so really we’re just dating” stage.

Which I am perfectly happy about. Why rush into being boyfriend/girlfriend? Just enjoy, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.

So, why is there not a noun to describe dating? It’s a perfectly acceptable stage of the dating process. It needs it’s own noun.

So I’ve created my own dating noun.  I’ve dubbed him my “Dating Friend,” the DF if you will, because really, we are friends who happen to be dating.

So yeah, feel free to use as you head out on your dating, yet not BF/GF, adventures.

I love Sundays.

There are no expectations on Sundays. No one expects you to work or or go out.

It’s a day of relaxing and doing what you want to do. No pressures.

Maybe it’s my age and the fact that I have almost no responsibilities, but Sundays have always been a relaxing day.

They’re kind of like a calm before the storm.

Darn those Manic Mondays.

Also, brunch is awesome.

No, I’m not talking about toilet use.

I put my coat on while I’m sitting down. Is that weird?

I never thought about how I put on my coat until the boy I’m seeing — notice how I slyly slipped that into a random post? yeah, more detail to come on that if things go better than the rest of my dating life has been going lately — mentioned something to me.

Him: “Why do you always stay seated when you put your coat on? You know you can do that standing up…”

Me: “I don’t know. It’s the way I like to put my coat on.”

Him: “It’s not normal.”

Me: “Yeah, well being normal’s overrated.”

It’s something I never noticed before, but now I notice. Everyone puts their coat on standing up. Maybe I am weird.

But now, I’m going to have an even cuter coat to put on sitting down.

This beauty from is arriving today and I’m so pumped. And what makes it even better is I got it on sale. Love.

Rockette Peacoat in Red from

From the land that brought us the ultimate girl power group, the Spice Girls, here are The Saturdays.

This is for all of you who can’t get enough of  girl power and guilty pleasure dance pop music.

You’ll thank me later. Just sayin’.

And if not, you may need to sit down with your ego.

I’ve never been one for award shows. I’ve watched the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, Golden Globes, etc., and they really do nothing for me. I don’t really care which movies/music they think are great , I know what I like and that’s that.

Really, the only reason to watch any sort of award show is for the fashion on the Red Carpet. Because in the end that’s what people remember for years to come.

Here were my pick for best and worst dressed:

Best: Ginnifer Goodwin in Vionnet

This dress is adorable on her and the color does wonders with her beautiful eyes and dark hair.

Photo courtesy of Just Jared

Worst: Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano

While the dress is gorgeous, it’s just not right for her. The color is all wrong and can we say boobies? Tuck those puppies in!

Photo courtesy of celebuzz

Who were your Golden Globe best and worst dressed?

Also, I’m still working on uploading pictures from Chicago. I know I’m a bad blogger!

Ahh, the New Year. A time for forgetting about the past. A time for new beginnings. A time for those pesky New Year’s resolutions.

from google images

Ugh. Every year I make New Year’s resolutions and every year I never keep them just like every other person. Maybe this year I should make a resolution to not make any resolutions. That’s one I’ll be sure to keep.  But in the spirit of the season, here’s my list.

#1. Be more optimistic. I tend to be a realistic pessimist. Maybe I can give optimism a try. It’s supposed to make you live longer.

#2. Make my button-up shirts fit better. Obviously, losing weight is one that’s on everyone’s list, but my upper torso area is one that definitely needs to be worked on. Boobs, arms and the chub-a-lub around my tummy. It all needs to go. Not that my tree-trunk thighs and shelf of a bottom couldn’t use a few lunges, but I’m not going to stretch myself to far. And with a little help from Jillian Michaels, I’m thinking this could work.

#3. Try to be less mean. It’s a constant joke in my family that I’m extremely mean. I don’t try to be; it just sort of happens. And it only happens when I’m around people I’m close to. So this year, Mom, I promise I’m going to try to be nicer.

#4. Blog more. This one I think I can keep. I love to blog and always kinda thought I didn’t have time for it, but I’ve been trying harder and harder to make more time.

and last, but certainly not least:

#5. Save more, spend less. This one hurts a little because I love to shop. I always need more shoes, purses, clothes, make up, etc. You name it, I need more of it. But I’m trying to get my own place so hopefully, I can hold out. Can’t live with the mama forever.

We’ll see. They say when you write down your goals, you’re more likely to stick to them. God, I hope so because I never keep my resolutions.

What do you plan to resolve next year?

Every Christmas season I have a new favorite song. Mostly because I wear out the song from the year before because I put it on repeat for an entire month.

Last year it was “All I Want For Christmas” from Love Actually. This year it’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from Elf. Zooey Deschanel has an amazing voice and I just can’t get enough (she’s my girl crush).

So enjoy!